MOONWORKS creates new COPE's sound image

In MoonWorks we are used to worki with large corporations, adapting the essence of new times to their sound image.

A few months ago we were faced with a challenge: provide COPE station with a new sound image. COPE is one of the most important generalist radio stations in the Spanish State, being the second most listened in the country.

It should be noted that previously we carried out the project to update its sound branding. Now, the contunious improvement of the radio channel has urged the renovation of its corporate sound image. In this great project carried out in an integral way by MoonWorks, we have managed to create a series of more modern and current tuning, with a more electronic and futuristic style, which conforms to the requirements that we were raised.
You can listen to them in this video:

Tuning changes or updates are one of our specialties. If you wish, you can contact us to have one of our specialists analyze your case and we can make a completely personalized proposal.

MOONWOKS launches new website.

It has been 4 years since we last renewed our internet gate. This 2019, MOONWORKS updates its image and launches a new website, with a modern, visual and completely functional design. We make available to our clients all the services we offer. Main new creations are highlighted at the Homepage.

Direct links to our BASIC'S and JINGLES, the MOONWORKS style of reinforcing the station identity, had to be there.

To carry out our idea, we worked together with Mediatics company in Barcelona.

MOONWOKS renews the sound line of EUROPA FM

EUROPA FM, a leading music station in Spain, entrusts MOOONWORKS with the renewal of all its production elements and the sonic logo, giving a modern and dynamic but harmonic style.

Our work with EUROPA FM includes all new jingles, part of its new imaging and the tuning of its weekend morning programme, ¿Me Pones?


MOONWORKS sums up 50 years of Los 40 Principales in a commemorative jingle

Los 40 Principales (Spain's equivalent of the UK's Top of the Pops) debuted as a music programme on Radio Madrid (owned by Cadena SER) on 18th July 1966. The first song to top the charts was "Monday, Monday" by the Californian band The Mamas & The Papas. Over these 50 years, Spain's oldest music station has not only produced great hits but also has become the most-listened-to station in Spain.

To celebrate this anniversary, we have created a special jingle that recaps half a century of music programmes through the LOS40's most representative and popular sounds. That is why it includes the first sonic logo, created back in the 70s; the famous jingles of the pathbreaking satellite broadcasts of Cadena 40, as it was known then; the top-of-the-hour jingle from the 90s, with orchestral arrangement of the main theme from the film "The Big Country" and, of course, the current logo, also composed by MOONWORKS.

In 2006, to mark Los 40 Principales' 40th anniversary, we got Chenoa to sing the special jingle that we produced at MOONWORKS and that you can listen to again here.

This is the jingle of the 50th anniversary of LOS40.

MOONWORKS creates Top of the Hour for Cadena Dial

Cadena Dial, the Prisa Group-owned Spanish-only music radio station that broadcasts under the Latin format, has been entrusting its jingles to MOONWORKS for more than ten years. Over this time, we have created and produced different jingles and singovers that made its programmes sound fresh and dynamic.

Now in 2016, Cadena Dial, Spain's second most popular music radio station, marks every hour, on the hour by playing our TOH!

Click here to listen some jingles that MOONWORKS has devised for Cadena Dial.

This is the jingle Top of the Hour for Cadena Dial.

Power intros: Production taken to another level

Long ago (some years now), when music stations used 45s, LPs, CDs, cartridges and tape recorders, production was quite an art. And it still is.

Yet now, new technologies have made it all rather simpler than before. Nowadays, power intros often replace a DJ’s introduction by tying a singover or
beatmix into the song’s intro and creating a sense of spectacular continuity. Power intros are an elegant way to ensure your music programs flow without limiting a DJ’s creativity. The impact they generate on air makes all the difference.

At MOONWORKS, we know that having a good imaging is a must. That's why we are #Tuned_To_You

These are some of power intros we created for LOS 40 Latam

MOONWORKS totally revamps KISS FM’s sound image

KISS FM Spain, the music station network owned by Radio Blanca, which started broadcasting very successfully in 2002, decided to totally revamp its jingles after several changes of direction in its programming. That is why it commissioned MOONWORKS to upgrade its sound image: jingles, liners, clusters, promos & power intros. The result is a production much more in line with current influences, direct and a powerful new, easy-to recognize logo.

Its current slogan, "Lo mejor de los 80 y 90 hasta hoy", needed to be properly mirrored not only in the radio’s programmes, but also in its jingles. Following Jaume Baró’s presentation as the new head of KISS Media (KISS FM, Hit FM & Hit TV), work on the revamping got underway in January 2016.

Yet MOONWORKS’ first worked for KISS FM in the summer of 2015, when it devised a series of power intros. A few weeks later, when Frank Blanco debuted with “Las Mañanas KISS" morning show, MOONWORKS produced its opening jingle.

KISS FM has joined the ranks of other musical and generalist radio stations that also relied on MOONWORKS for their jingle package.

Click here to listen to all the jingles that MOONWORKS has devised for KISS FM.

COPE entrusts its new jingles to MOONWORKS

In July 2015, Cadena COPE, which ranked second among Spain's most popular generalist radio stations, according to the third wave of the General Media Survey (EGM December 2015), inching ahead of its closest rival, ONDA CERO, which had been second until then, decided to go one step further in making its channel sound more modern and dynamic. That is why it entrusted its new jingle package to MOONWORKS.

Cadena COPE now has a consistent line of programmes thanks, above all, to the appeal of its programmes and, in turn, to the jingles devised by MOONWORKS to offer a continuity and image that listeners find easy to recognise. As a result, the radio station's identifying sound logo has been maintained on all the new tracks.

MOONWORKS' creative and production team designed the jingles in line with the instructions it received from COPE Production Department. Germán Palacios, Head of Production at COPE, took personal responsibility for working side by side with Ricard Aymerich, MOONWORKS' founder and Production Manager. "After 20-plus years working in audio branding, I've worked with different companies and professionals from different countries, and the hardest part is talking from a radio station's viewpoint", Palacios said. He went on: "MOONWORKS grasped our needs and ideas perfectly and turned them into in a cool, modern and convincing sound, and all in record time".

COPE has joined the ranks of other generalist and musical radio stations that also relied on MOONWORKS for their jingle package.

Click here to listen to all the jingles that MOONWORKS has devised for COPE.


For Cadena SER, we created all full sound park.

For Cadena SER, we created all full sound park.

All programs are linked by a common watermark, a logo sound. This way, with this formula, we promote their identity and create a mix of program and signature tune.

Admiration for the quality of your work. In our case, it has, if thats possible, higher value since the so-called Talk Radio does not find it easy to find companies or professionals with the skills required to adapt their work to such a heterogeneous story or speech. Your last work for Cadena SER has been, as I said, admirable. Luis Rodríguez Pi (Director de antena Cadena SER)

Click here to listen to all the jingles that MOONWORKS has devised for CADENA SER.