In MoonWorks we are used to worki with large corporations, adapting the essence of new times to their sound image.

A few months ago we were faced with a challenge: provide COPE station with a new sound image. COPE is one of the most important generalist radio stations in the Spanish State, being the second most listened in the country.

It should be noted that previously we carried out the project to update its sound branding. Now, the contunious improvement of the radio channel has urged the renovation of its corporate sound image. In this great project carried out in an integral way by MoonWorks, we have managed to create a series of more modern and current tuning, with a more electronic and futuristic style, which conforms to the requirements that we were raised.
You can listen to them in this video:

Tuning changes or updates are one of our specialties. If you wish, you can contact us to have one of our specialists analyze your case and we can make a completely personalized proposal.