Los 40 Principales (Spain’s equivalent of the UK’s Top of the Pops) debuted as a music programme on Radio Madrid (owned by Cadena SER) on 18th July 1966. The first song to top the charts was “Monday, Monday” by the Californian band The Mamas & The Papas. Over these 50 years, Spain’s oldest music station has not only produced great hits but also has become the most-listened-to station in Spain.

To celebrate this anniversary, we have created a special jingle that recaps half a century of music programmes through the LOS40’s most representative and popular sounds. That is why it includes the first sonic logo, created back in the 70s; the famous jingles of the pathbreaking satellite broadcasts of Cadena 40, as it was known then; the top-of-the-hour jingle from the 90s, with orchestral arrangement of the main theme from the film “The Big Country” and, of course, the current logo, also composed by MOONWORKS.

In 2006, to mark Los 40 Principales’ 40th anniversary, we got Chenoa to sing the special jingle that we produced at MOONWORKS and that you can listen to again here.

This is the jingle of the 50th anniversary of LOS40.