KISS FM Spain, the music station network owned by Radio Blanca, which started broadcasting very successfully in 2002, decided to totally revamp its jingles after several changes of direction in its programming. That is why it commissioned MOONWORKS to upgrade its sound image: jingles, liners, clusters, promos & power intros. The result is a production much more in line with current influences, direct and a powerful new, easy-to recognize logo.

Its current slogan, “Lo mejor de los 80 y 90 hasta hoy”, needed to be properly mirrored not only in the radio’s programmes, but also in its jingles. Following Jaume Baró’s presentation as the new head of KISS Media (KISS FM, Hit FM & Hit TV), work on the revamping got underway in January 2016.

Yet MOONWORKS’ first worked for KISS FM in the summer of 2015, when it devised a series of power intros. A few weeks later, when Frank Blanco debuted with “Las Mañanas KISS” morning show, MOONWORKS produced its opening jingle.

KISS FM has joined the ranks of other musical and generalist radio stations that also relied on MOONWORKS for their jingle package.

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