Musical Production

We are a sound identity agency committed to music as a social value and as a link between people. From our studios in Barcelona and Madrid, we create sound branding for the main Spanish radio stations and media companies. We also develop creative and fully customized productions for artists.

Our services

Creation of exclusive jingles, jingles syndication, branding and sound identity creation, music for cinema, sound production for artists

Moonworks is a flexible and creative music producer, constantly evolving. We prioritize the originality and quality of our works. We are a small company but with great experience and passion for what we do. We like to establish a personal and close relationship with our clients.

 Before & After 

Listen to what happens after our "touch"

Pop Rock

David Daw
“No me mires mal”

Dance Pop

“Live it up”

World Music

Kati Dada
“Taza de soledad”

Pop Rock

“La historia de tu vida”


Here you will find some of the productions we have done for artists of all kind of music, from Pop Rock with David Daw, to world music with Kati Dada, through Electro Pop, Pop, Dance..


Rousseau with Javi Reina, was responsible for the production of “Hazlo” for one of the pop icons in Spain.

Santa Ventura"Summer Summer"

The MoonWorks team has completely designed the entire production of this track. From the composition, recording, mixing and master to the video clip made by the ReedWood team Website:

Andermay"En Azul" (MoonWorks RMX)

He is already part of our collaborators. Ander is a sensitive and talented artist. He created songs like this “En Azul”. MoonWorks was responsible for producing one of the remixes.

Fruela"Live it up"

The MoonWorks team has designed the sound production including the Mastering process of this track.

David Daw"No me mires mal"

Andermay"En Blanco" (MoonWorks RMX)

We love collaborating with Andermay. On this occasion producing the rmx of “En Blanco”.


For “Arrivederci” we had to work on clear premises, organic sounds, freshness, positivity… MoonWorks was responsible for all production for this Fruela theme.

Sandra Criado"Remain With me"

Production, mixing and master.


Production, mixing and master.