What is a jingle? Sonic identity

What is a jingle? Sonic identity

People have often asked me what a jingle is...

Jingle; if you ask Google to translate this English word into Spanish, the first result that pops up is “tintineo”. 

That sound effect is intrinsic to radio, a sign that lets listeners know where they are and does so seductively and in line with the radio station's identity. Jingles are those mini-hits that you hear between one song and another and that, over time and thanks to our echoic memory, we end up integrating in our comfort zone and even singing, depending on our state of mind. 

That’s what we do at Moonworks: we create a sound identity, jingles, beeds, opening shows, power intros, sweepers and other kinds of sounds with such strange names that only we professionals understand them, which become part and parcel of a station's programming.

At Moonworks we know the industry, our 20 years' of experience in radio has given us clear guidelines to follow with each client, customizing each project from start to finish, to ensure that our works sound exclusive and fully integrated for each brand.

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