Ricard Aymerich

Ricard founded the company in late 2000.

He’s devoted his whole life to radio, juggling the roles of host and producer. His father, a singer, taught him to love music, and ever since he was very young he’s known just what he wanted to do.

Albert Rousseau

Albert was the first person to join us.

He’s spent 12 years with us now as a producer. He also manages to find the time to produce music for some of Spain’s top dance music artists. He loves playing basketball and arguing over football (he’s a Real Madrid fan).

He currently lives in Madrid with his wife and the apple of his eye, his daughter Olivia.


  • Susana

  • Nacho

  • Jose M

  • Manu

    Musician - arranger
  • Cristina

  • Lucas Mengual

    Musician - produces

    Lucas, our new partner, lives in London, where he finds the inspiration.