Our "lunatic" history ...

Founded at the end of 2000 by a personality rooted in the radio world, unconditional fan of "mini-songs", those magic, marvellous jingles invented by famous Americans. While still young, at home in his room, he used them for the home-made recordings which would later lead him into his professional career.

MOONWORKS was introduced into the radio industry thanks to CADENA DIAL, whose jingles were the first they produced, giving a new dynamic air to its programming. We understood the fusion necessary between the sophistication of its sound line and its programming, without rupturing the latter’s reproduction list and creating a perfect blend between what was standard and external trends.

From that time, and until the present, MOONWORKS has been able to draw on outstanding professionals who have left their mark on its productions, and has extended its client portfolio with major channels in Spain, South America, Portugal and, shortly, in the rest of Europe and the United States.

"We have from our beginnings experimented, progressed, evolved and learned from the very best, to the point of collaborating with sector companies of worldwide repute"

From the world and for the world, a new way of doing things, tuned to you …

Our logo evolution

Logo evolution